For the better part of two decades LDJ Manufacturing has designed, developed and produced a variety of steel products. By integrating fabrication technology, continual process improvement and skilled employees, we take pride in ensuring every product that leaves our 55,000 square foot facility has exceptional fit, finish, and function.  


designLDJ's research and development team consists of experienced professionals who excel at taking great ideas from disjoined pieces on a drawing board and refining them to the point they are production ready with the exceptional fit, finish and function that LDJ has become known for.

We utilize the latest SolidWorks design software to allow for computerized model testing and evaluation before production. Our team is well-versed with metal fabrication processes and has experience with mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic functions.

Additionally, our team examines product costing from inputs to integration of the best process improvements for both large and small production runs.



weldingLDJ Manufacturing’s D1.1 certified welders are prepared with a full arsenal of options which include Pulse, Spot, Short-Arc and TIG welding. Our Panasonic Perform Arc robotic welding system offers the precision repeatability of computerized welding. This specialized robot can weld from two sides in tandem while maintaining a repeatability factor of +/- .004 inches.

Recently, LDJ completed a large weld job for a world-renowned customer. To our disappointment, the order was quarantined when one of the customer's painters noted a missing weld. Upon further investigation, it was discovered that the weld was in fact there, but could not be detected beneath the paint due to the precision and smoothness of the welded steel.


machiningWhen machining, cutting, bending or forming is required we have an array of solutions integrating the latest technology. Our vertical machining centers provide 40 x 20 tables and can precisely machine steel, exotic steels and even plastic.  

  • Tapping
  • Boring
  • Beveling
  • Grinding
  • 6-Axis Bending

LDJ Manufacturing's capabilities include:

  • Machining
  • Cutting
  • Sheering
  • One-Shot Corner Forming
  • Milling
  • Drilling

Finishing & Delivery

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Our on-site electrostatic paint facility, with 14.9' x 26.5' dimensions, ensures the best possible coverage with painting occuring in a clean room environment by our highly-skilled paint crew. Additionally, the electrostatic process ensures uniform paint coverage and uses far less paint than conventional paint booths.


Our production staff offers more than just metal fabrication with corresponding expertise in product assembly. We assemble all forms of products from the smallest electrical components to over-sized commercial and agricultural equipment.


From product packaging to warehousing and logistical support, LDJ delivers products to the marketplace post production.  Centrally located in Iowa, LDJ Manufacturing has access to the most traveled shipping routes serving our country. In addition to maintaining our own fleet, we have tenured relationships with leading freight companies to ensure you receive first-class service and maintain control of your delivery expenses.

A product designed and built by the skilled craftsman at LDJ will arrive at your door with the fit, finish, and function that is second to none.


LDJ Manufacturing is deeply rooted in Midwest family values. We believe an honest day's work and keeping our word are the keys to building successful partnerships.


Our team of disciplined professionals adheres to an unwavering commitment to get the job done right, on time, with excellence - because "just good enough" is never good enough.


Our team is empowered with a driving spirit of creativity and resourcefulness to look beyond what already exists and find a better way to get things done.