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LDJ Manufacturing is the home of Thunder Creek Equipment, a leading brand of premium bulk diesel and heavy equipment fleet maintenance solutions for the agriculture, construction and commercial markets. Launched more than a decade ago by the Van Wyk family as a solution to their own fuel needs on their family farm, Thunder Creek has become an industry leader in quality and innovation that reflects LDJ’s core values and dedication to building and designing products that shatter our customers expectations.

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Born On The Farm

The first square-by-design fuel trailer was built to replace the homemade trailer that was dangerous on the road and inefficient in the field.


Service From The Start

The initial product line included Economy Trailers for fuel only and ADT Trailers which could be equipped with a Utility Box for storage and tools.


Diesel + Service

As Tier 4 machinery came to the field, the need arose for an easy and clean way to deliver Diesel Exhaust Fluid along with diesel.


New Needs Arise

As the Thunder Creek brand became more established, custom requests led to new developments like the Double Wall and Split Tank Trailers.


More Than Diesel

The Service & Lube Trailer was created to handle multiple fluids in a modular platform that can be customized to a fleet’s unique needs.


More Than Trailers

The DEF Transport Tote made the exclusive DEF System available from a truck bed in a way that was much easier and cleaner than DEF jugs.


Grows With You

The popular ADT Trailers were retired with the launch of the FST Series, the first to utilize a modular design so options can be added at any time.

Light Up The Night

The WorkSight Light Tower quickly became a popular option by improving fueling and service in the dark.


No HAZMAT. No Problem.

The launch of the Multi-Tank Trailer enabled non-ag operations to legally haul diesel without a HAZMAT endorsement.


DEF Expansion

The Diesel+DEF Combo Tank and DEF Saddle Tank joined the line-up of ISO Compliant DEF Systems available from Thunder Creek.


A New Generation

The most popular products - the FST Series, Multi-Tank, and Service & Lube Trailers were upgraded with a new “Gen 3” design


The concept of the “No HAZMAT” Multi-Tank Trailers was developed into an upfit for medium-duty truck bodies.


Ten Year Celebration

Remembering how we’ve been blessed and looking ahead with continued passion to serve those who feed and build our great nation.


All New MTO

The launch of the Multi-Tank Oil Trailer expanded our line up to feature bulk diesel without a HAZMAT + oil, reclaim, coolant, grease, and DEF.


The concept of the “No HAZMAT” Multi-Tank Trailers was developed into an upfit now on a Ram Platform.

Re-Design SLT

A complete redesign of our popular Service & Lube Trailer allowed for even more fluids to customize your fleet’s unique needs.

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